Low Tide Schedule at Hon Ba Vung Tau 11/2023, for today, tomorrow

lich nuoc rut hon ba vung tau

When you visit Hon Ba Vung Tau, you’ll find it to be a fascinating and yet somehow familiar place. This small island has gained growing fame for its unique walkway, situated right in the middle of the sea. However, the path’s mysterious nature means that it is not always easily accessible.

Information about Hon Ba Vung Tau

Place name: Hòn Bà Vũng Tàu
Location: Opposite Vung Tau Christ Statue, on Thuy Van Street, Vung Tau City
Type of tourism: Tín ngưỡng, tâm linh

Tho Dia will share how to go and the Hon Ba Vung Tau low tide schedule in 11/2023, including today’s low tide schedule information so you can experience the unique road leading to Hon Ba temple, Vung Tau.

Low Tide Schedule at Hon Ba Vung Tau 11/2023

It is important to be aware of the time limits for traveling in the area to ensure your safety. When you go out, it is recommended that you plan to return to the mainland before the time limit expires. The safe time frame for walking through Hon Ba is determined based on the 11/2023 low tide schedule.

ThứNgàyKhung Giờ Đi Ra Được Hòn Bà
Thứ Tư1-11-20237h đến 12h
Thứ Năm2-11-20237h30 đến 13h
Thứ Sáu3-11-20238h15 đến 13h30
Thứ Bảy4-11-20239h30 đến 14h
Chủ Nhật5-11-202310h30 đến 14h
Thứ Hai6-11-2023x
Thứ Ba7-11-2023x
Thứ Tư8-11-2023x
Thứ Năm9-11-2023x
Thứ Sáu10-11-2023x
Thứ Bảy11-11-2023x
Chủ Nhật12-11-20236h15 đến 7h45
Thứ Hai13-11-20235h40 đến 8h10
Thứ Ba14-11-20235h40 đến 10h
Thứ Tư15-11-20236h đến 11h
Thứ Năm16-11-20236h30 đến 12h
Thứ Sáu17-11-20237h đến 12h30
Thứ Bảy18-11-20237h50 đến 13h30
Chủ Nhật19-11-20238h50 đến 14h10
Thứ Hai20-11-20239h50 đến 15h
Thứ Ba21-11-202311h30 đến 15h
Thứ Tư22-11-2023x
Thứ Năm23-11-2023x
Thứ Sáu24-11-2023x
Thứ Bảy25-11-20235h30 đến 6h30
Chủ Nhật26-11-20234h50 đến 8h50
Thứ Hai27-11-20235h đến 9h50
Thứ Ba28-11-20235h30 đến 10h30
Thứ Tư29-11-20235h50 đến 11h30
Thứ Năm30-11-20236h30 đến 12h

Looking at the table above, you have determined whether you can go to Hon Ba Vung Tau today or not. Time frame shared by the Yeu Vung Tau community. Tho Dia will update the Hon Ba Vung Tau low tide schedule every month in this article. Please remember to check each month’s schedule.

lich nuoc rut hon ba vung tau
Hon Ba Vung Tau is a spiritual destination. Photo: demraphoinang

Hon Ba is a quaint island situated near the Nghinh Phong cape, just about 200 meters away from the base of Small Mountain. If you climb up to the top of Nui Nho (Small Mountain), you can gaze out at the sea and spot the small island not too far from the shore. Additionally, if you stand on the shoulders of the Statue of Christ the King, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Hon Ba Vung Tau.

hon ba vung tau
Go to Hon Ba Vung Tau to pray for peace. Image: demraphoinang

The island is quite petite, and visitors can explore it within 15 minutes. Hon Ba features a small sacred site named Chùa Bà (Ba Temple), making it a spiritual destination that draws pilgrims from not only Vung Tau but also the surrounding regions.

Where is Hon Ba Vung Tau? Can I go today?

You will find Hon Ba near Con Rong slope, opposite the Statue of Christ the King on Thuy Van street (Bai Sau).

hon ba vung tau o dau

Who Does Hon Ba Vung Tau Worship?

In 1781, a small temple was constructed on the island to honor the Water Dragon goddess (Thủy Long thần nữ), who is responsible for regulating the climate to ensure favorable weather conditions for fishermen to conduct their business in peace and prosperity. This temple is believed to bring good fortune and benefits to those who worship there.

This information was reported by the Ba Ria Vung Tau Newspaper.

The temple is commonly known as Ba Temple (Chua Ba) or Hon Ba, named after the Water Dragon goddess. For over 200 years, the Thang Tam villagers have consistently raised funds to repair, restore and expand the temple, making it a grand and spacious place of worship.

lich nuoc rut hon ba vung tau
Who does hon ba vung tau worship? Photo: demraphoinang

Tips for visiting Hon Ba in Vung Tau – Important Considerations

Getting to Hon Ba Vung Tau is easy. Simply park your car/bike either in the middle of Thuy Van slope or at the foot of it, and then walk to the beach. There’s no need to worry about finding a parking spot, as Hon Ba Vung Tau is becoming more popular. From the parking lot, it takes approximately 10 minutes to walk on the sand and another 10-15 minutes to walk on the beach road to reach Hon Ba Temple.

hòn bà vũng tàu
Photo: iaery.2510

The road to Hon Ba may not always be accessible by foot, as during high water days, a boat may be required.

hòn bà vũng tàu

To traverse the uneven, rocky path flanked by water, it’s essential to gather information on the previous tide. This path typically resurfaces on the 14th and 15th days of every lunar month, detaching from the beach and leading to Hon Ba around 5:00 p.m. During this time, it’s convenient to stroll along the path to explore the island and visit Ba temple.

hòn bà vũng tàu
(Photo: einar_lucian)

Please be aware that the rocks on the shallow road to Hon Ba have sharp edges and can become slippery due to barnacles clinging to them on flooded days. To prevent injury, it is recommended that you wear appropriate footwear and move with caution.

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