Hẻm Trần Phú Vũng Tàu

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Greetings! We are a group of young individuals who were born and raised in the beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau. We have a deep love and appreciation for our hometown, and our greatest passion is exploring and traveling.

As a result, we created Tho Dia Vung Tau (Indigenous people in Vung Tau) to share our firsthand travel experiences with those who choose Vung Tau as a stop on their journey. We also hope to inspire other young travelers who share our passion. Please read on for a more detailed introduction.

Photo: @mievatho

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Whether it’s your first or nth time visiting this coastal city, our travel tips and experiences will make your trip extremely interesting. Don’t miss the chance to explore the unique and familiar sights of Vung Tau through our Tho Dia sharing.